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Wendell Geary
149 1st Ave SE, New Brighton, MN 55112 – 651.636.0296

Dear Prayer Partners;
Isaiah 53: 4,5 We thought he brought it on himself, that God was punishing him for his own failures. But it was our sins that did that to him, that ripped and tore and crushed him – our sins! He took the punishment and that made us whole. Through his bruises we are healed. [The Message]. We rejoice to repeat the well known expression – “Its Friday but Sunday is coming!” His is the Victory! We, too, have victory, victory in Jesus!
Greetings from cold and snowy Minnesota! Yes, two days ago a heavy snowfall produced the white world now visible all around us. Ten days ago we returned to MN from a four week visit to Oregon and Washington – a return to our “missionary roots”. We give praise and thanksgiving to God for  the partners the Lord gathered into the Bethesda Mission Hospital family since the beginnings in 1963 when many of you were called together with us. Of course, many more have joined since then. We wish we could meet all of you, face to face, and experience the joy the Lord gave to us during this recent visit of wonderful hospitality and inspiring fellowship.
PERSONAL NEWS: We are well. Please accept our apologies for the long gap in communications. We are not returning to BMH and do not foresee future plans to do so. During these months, churches and families have been notified not to make further contributions to our travel account at WorldVenture which is being closed. Recent contributions will be directed to
MedGo, account 6416-910.
MEDGO PROGRESS: Latest news – there are now 21 Indonesian doctors, nurses and a dentist plus staff members. There will soon be a new MedGo bulletin with details. ASK GOD TO STIR INDONESIAN CHURCHES AND FAMILIES TO MAKE COMMITMENTS TO GIVE ONGOING SUPPORT. Paul is making a visit to East Java next week to reach out to people there.
CHAPLAINCY STAFF: A recent e-mail from Paul announced that a church in Jakarta is sending two evangelists as new chaplains. These two will replace two chaplains recently called to plant a church. THANKS BE TO GOD! REQUEST A SMOOTH TRANSITION FOR ALL.  Also, the hospital leadership has arranged to send a team of chaplains, doctors and nurses to make frequent Sunday visits to churches for follow-up on BMH patients, especially patients who expressed a desire to follow Jesus.PRAISE GOD!
GOVERNMENT HEALTH INSURANCE CLAIMS: In the same e-mail more good news! For many months the government plan had not reimbursed BMH for the care of patients in poverty (not all poor patients qualify and not all expenses are reimbursable). The full amount in arrears, a sum equal to four months of operating costs, has been received! PRAISE GOD! ASK HIM TO ENABLE BMH LEADERS TO RAISE WAGES.
THE NEW SURGICAL BUILDING: Architect Len Rosenberg’s “final design revision” was received and approved in Jakarta in December. YOU PRAYED! Paul is to show the complete drawings, designed and directed by Len and drafted, pro bono, by a global architectural firm, to the same office in Jakarta next week.
OFFICE OF AMERICAN SCHOOLS AND HOSPITALS ABROAD (ASHA): This program, under the U.S. Agency for International Development, accepts funding requests to assist schools, libraries and hospitals abroad with their projects. BMH may be considered as a hospital which serves as a study and demonstration center for beneficial U.S. ideas and practices. APPLICATIONS MUST BE IN BY MAY 5TH 
This has come to our attention only recently. A hasty but all-out effort is being made to complete an application on behalf of WorldVenture working with the Bethesda Serukam Foundation of Indonesia to obtain additional funding for the surgical center building and some much needed infrastructure. It isn’t yet clear that these two organizations will qualify. WorldVenture must provide a portion of the funding.THANK GOD THAT A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT IS ALREADY IN HAND. 
However, there are other qualifications that may be more difficult to achieve. The narrative reports submitted with the application must show that BMH does serve as a study and demonstration center for good medical practice and quality healthcare. Another narrative must show that there is a good working relationship between WorldVenture (as the United States Organization – USO) and the Bethesda Serukam Foundation (as the Over-Seas Institution – OSI) sponsored by WorldVenture. Yet another narrative must show that WorldVenture has the capacity to institute, manage and complete such a project.
Also, there is competition. Other organizations will also submit applications for funding. The total sum available is capped. Many organizations have had training and experience or access to people with this expertise. Long ago, the U.S. Agency for International Development made a contribution to the BMH Hydroelectric Project (1985). That application was prepared by team member, Grey Jeffreys, our missionary colleague now living in Portland, OR. Wendell is to do some of the narrative reports required. A former BMH staff doctor, Teresia (Tatie), who is now studying in Java for her MPH, has been recruited to assist the effort at Serukam. Len is on.The Lord willing, Paul, will be signing and submitting the application as the authorized representative of WorldVenture.  ASK THE LORD TO BLESS THE EFFORTS OF THESE AND OTHER TEAM MEMBERS AND ENABLE THEM TO MAKE THE DEADLINE OF MAY 5, 2014.
A CONSTRUCTION SITE MANAGER: Paul is currently dealing with two construction contractors. One of these will be selected to build the surgical center. Paul is due for Home Assignment in June, 2014, and will be facing the big effort to obtain re-certification for his internal medicine specialty. This happens every ten years. Even though Paul will make at least one trip back to BMH during home assignment, he cannot be of much help during construction of the surgical center. ASK THE LORD TO SEND SOMEONE TO BMH AS THE CONSTRUCTION SITE MANAGER. This person would work with the contractor in an effort to insure that the construction activities incorporate the correct materials and follow the architectural drawings and specifications. Candidates for this important work may contact us via phone or e-mail.
THE CONTAINER SHIPMENT: Thank you for your prayer support. The shipment is still being stored in Malaysian Borneo (Sarawak). It has been there since November, 2013. Previously, it was hoped that in three months the shipment could be imported across the border into Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan) and trucked to BMH. As mentioned in previous prayer updates, the bureaucratic snarls are even worse than in previous shipments. Paul is now hopeful that Franz will be enabled, by God’s grace, to achieve the import in May.
Do remember that the goal is a tax free, or nearly tax free, import process. KEEP PRAYING!
VISAS! VISAS! VISAS!: Yes, the chronic challenge continues to be the working visas required for Paul Geary, Steve Anderson and Calista Yates. Again, Franz, Executive Secretary of the Bethesda Serukam Foundation is the one who must keep all the regulations and offices and officials in mind as he works with the Foundation leaders to find a way through the maze. The major sticking point – a permit for each from the Health Department. For several years there has been no pathway to obtain a medical permit for foreign health workers who are not from one of the Southeast Asian Nations. Each twelve months God has opened a way. This year there are new regulations and a new effort to enforce them. ASK GOD TO BLESS FRANZ AND HIS WIFE, YUNITA, AND THEIR BABY DAUGHTER, CARMEL. Franz, in the midst of these huge challenges, is also moving his family to Singkawang, 30 miles from Serukam. He needs a rest with his family.
GOD BLESS YOU ALL!  Wendell and Margie.


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Wendell Geary · 149 - 1st Ave SE · New Brighton, Minnesota 55112 · USA 

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PRAYER UPDATE Wendell and Margie Geary
149 1st Ave SE, New Brighton, MN 55112 – 651.636.0296

 Dear Sylvia,*
With praise to our Heavenly Father and with much excitement Margie and I pass on to you Paul’s latest message – just came in this a.m. This is the breakthrough that has taken nearly three years to be brought to fruition – it is the Lord’s timing. God is good! Many have responded affirmatively regarding the prayer requests in our Christmas letter of two weeks ago.
The new surgical building plan has now been approved by the Indonesian Health Department, via the architectural consultant in Jakarta. Those who pray will recognize the name “Len” – of Ministries Architecture in Lakewood, CO – Len and Mary Jo Rosenberg. Last week, while visiting our precious family the Lord brought Len and Mary Jo to fellowship with us. They will rejoice in this wonderful and providential act of God – bringing the necessary approval. To God be the GLORY!  (at the bottom is Len’s message by which the Surgery Plan in color was sent to Paul as an attachment)
We trust you and Glen have had a pleasant and Christ-honoring season of celebration. Margie and I returned to Minnesota late on Christmas Day, from our week long fellowship with Wendell Jr. and Kelley and ALL of their children and grands in Parker Colorado (near Denver). It was a great blessing to us. However, somewhere along the way Margie and I picked up a virus bug – probably a “cold” virus. So that has settled in our nasal sinuses and is giving some discomfort. But we are back in the cold of Minnesota and found all to be well – the accumulated six plus inches of snow has now been cleared away.  
Please pass this message on just as it is – including this note to you – via the e-mail system only. The USPS version will have to come later in January.
In Jesus,
Wendell and Margie  (at a warm 35 degrees – the weather man promises two days of this before the near zero temps return)
* Sylvia Sjodin is our cousin and faithful circulation secretary, sending our e-mails by Mail Chimp and arranging the mailing of our USPS letters. She and Glen now reside in Bend, Oregon. In past years they lived in Portland. When hospital container shipments were put together in Portland, Oregon, Glen managed much of that great task.

From: Paul Geary M.D. [mailto:borneodoctor@earthlink.net] ;
Sent: Friday, December 27, 2013 9:59 AM
To: Len Rosenberg; borneodoctor1@earthlink.net; meredith hayes gordon
Subject: Re: Surgery Plan color

Good news!!!!

Our consulting Indonesian architect in Jakarta has given the final approval for this plan.

Please proceed with the CAD drawings for the first floor, including all mechanicals, insulation, electrical, heating/cooling, doors, etc.

We will have a team meeting here to finalize the second floor functions that we would like reflected there.

Thanks again for all your hard work on this; we are on the home stretch!!



149 1st Ave SE, New Brighton, MN 55112 – 651.636.0296
Dear Partners,                                                                                                                             
May the reality of the first coming of Jesus (from start to culmination) become more and more precious as we celebrate during these busy days. Let us also celebrate Mary’s awesome act of obedience. Her response to Gabriel was “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.”
Many people celebrating will include those won to the Lord Jesus through the obedience of the Bethesda Mission Hospital staff, nursing academy staff, the rural health evangelism team and the Indonesian missionaries and staff of MedGo.  You, the far off stake holders, through your prayers of intercession and the many contributions of skills and finances, have played a major part in sustaining the effort to bring the Good News of salvation in Jesus to thousands of poor patients throughout another year.
THE TRIP TO GLOBAL MISSIONS HEALTH CONF., LOUISVILLE: Margie and I, along with Barbara Hull, missionary doctor serving in Pakistan, and two WorldVenture regional officers, met dozens of young people – doctors, nurses and other health workers – from among the 2,000 plus attendees. Contact information was obtained for 23 of these. I hope to connect further with each of them regarding service with WorldVenture. ASK GOD TO TOUCH THOSE HE HAS CHOSEN.  Thank you for praying.
MEDGO PROGRESSPaul reports that there are now 19 Indonesian missionaries including doctors, nurses, and a dentist and her special ed teacher husband! The monthly budget - $7,500. Paul has been visiting Indonesian churches, primarily in Java, to “cast the vision” for MedGo. ASK GOD TO MOVE THEM TO SUPPORT THESE PROFESSIONALS WHO ARE COMMITTED TO RADICAL OBEDIENCE!
THE NEW SURGICAL BUILDING: On 12/04/2013, architect Len Rosenberg sent the “final revision” of the floor plan to Paul at BMH. Len’s comment: “I hope you love this!”ASK GOD TO MOVE THE HEALTH DEPT OFFICIALS IN JAKARTA TO APPROVE THIS “FINAL REVISION”. These people have made at least three changes in the design since Len visited and worked with the BMH staff in March, 2013. The design effort in 2008-2010 was rejected. May it now be approved and finalized.
THE CONTAINER SHIPMENT: The 40 foot container, packed and shipped by World Medical Mission, arrived in Kuching City, Malaysian Borneo, on November 20thA GREAT AND EARLY ANSWER TO PRAYER!  The 693 packages (total weight with container – 8 tons) are now safely stored near the Malaysia - Indonesian border in the warehouse of a businessman friend of Bethesda. PRAISE GOD! CONTINUE TO ASK GOD TO GIVE FRANZ FAVOR IN THE INDONESIAN IMPORT OFFICES FOR MINIMAL OR NO IMPORT TAXES.  It could take as long as 3 months to obtain this privilege!  Paul et al will need help to unpack, install, store, utilize this huge shipment after the trucks bring it nearly 200 miles to BMH.
OUR PERSONAL PLAN FOR A RETURN TO BMH: Thank you for your prayers as per our 11/4 letter. God has shown us that we definitely should NOT NOW return to BMH. We are sad that we won’t be present for the BMH 40th anniversary celebration in February.  We’re not saying that we’ll never again travel to BMH but the Lord is also showing us that we will not continue to make “routine” six month working visits. Look for more communications from us in January as we work out the details of this change in our lives.
Ephesians 3:20, 21 Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power that is at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to him in the church and to Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen.
HAVE A BLESSED CHRISTMAS!   Wendell and Margie (with Wendell Jr and fam in Denver 12/17 – 25)