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July 15th 2011 update:

Prayer Update

The following is an e-mail message from Paul directed to the New Surgical Center Building Project architect, Len Rosenberg (in the Denver CO area) and Stephen Cia (an Indonesian engineer who lives and works in the San Francisco area and is voluntarily assisting with this project) .  Continue in prayer – asking the Lord to enable Paul to achieve the goals mentioned in his message.

That the architectural consultant in Jakarta will be able to join in facilitating the following concerns”
   1. apply the basic international requirements of building design – a big concern of Len’s
   2. incorporate the specific requirements of the Indonesian health department
   3. acceptance of the architectural plans by the internal stakeholders – the Bethesda-Serukam team especially.
When these matters are successfully concluded it is a great hope that the Lord will then move more people to get involved in the seeking and providing adequate funding for the completion of the construction. 

From: pbg@wven.net [mailto:pbg@wven.net]
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 10:15 PM
To: Len Rosenberg; stephen.cia@arup.com
Cc: Geary, Wendell & Marge; Walter Eshenaur
Subject: Re: Hospital codes?
Len & Stephen,

I am planning a trip to Jakarta next week to meet with an architect who has been identified as having recognition & certification capacity for surgical building design.  Hoping that he will help us to apply the basic international requirements of building design, adding in the specific requirements of the Indonesian health department, and this will be accepted by our internal stakeholders.  Appreciate your prayers on this trip, and negotiating the results with all stakeholders.


On 7/14/2011 5:00 AM, Len Rosenberg wrote:
Hi, Stephen,
Yes, we should meet all the requirements.
However, our immediate need is to settle on the floor plan---the doctors at Bethesda state their understanding of requirements that are different from my  understanding---even about simple matters like dead-end corridors, which they will accept but I know is wrong.
So we need to confer with an architect who has done this and assure that our plan meets the medical AND architectural regulations.
Attached is my sketch plan for the main floor, April 29, 2011.  The OR's are small and we may conclude only four, or three? are possible---not five.
Thanks for your prayers on this---I am seeking advice from colleagues and hope we can give the best answers to Dr. Paul and Dr. Wendell.