Welcome To First Baptist Church

Lake Crystal, Minnesota

Jim and Kathy Brock

Urgent Prayer Need

Our Dear Ministry Partners,                                                                                May 5, 2011


Kathy and I are writing a general letter to all of you that stand with us as Partners because of the urgency of this letter. I need to get this to you as soon as I can so we apologize in advance for the lack of a personal note that we like normally to write at the end. We have some urgent news and prayer requests that we need to get to you and a very late thank you for all your gifts that you sent to us in 2010 and especially in the fall of last year. Thank you for being there for us!


Kathy and I want to thank you for helping us with your faithful gifts each month and sometimes extra gifts that come in to help us with special needs. Your gifts never are taken for granted. We know that during these difficult economic times that it is tough for everyone and yet you continue to stand so sacrificially with us and help us to stay on this field and serve the Lord here in the desert. Because of your faithfulness, we are able to reach into the Jail system with the Gospel, disciple and train Youth for Service for Christ, and lead a Church as we reach out and develop ministry to reach our Hispanic Community in Warden. God is changing lives and we are excited to be used of God. Thank you so much for standing with us, helping us get through the year, as well as the fall and winter not just with your financial gifts but also with your prayers.


Please Pray for us!!!


1. Kathy needs your prayers. They discovered last month more skin Cancer on Kathy’s face. This time it was found near the tip of her nose. We had to make a trip in April to meet her surgeon and to make a plan of action for her surgery. Her surgery was scheduled for yesterday, and she came through it really well. The Dr feels that he got all the cancer and we are so thankful. We would ask you to pray for her recovery to be without any infections and that it would heal well. I will be taking her back to Seattle in 1 week to have her stitches removed. Pray for comfort anf healing for her.


2. Last Saturday I ended up in the ER having chest pressure and heart thumping (after discovering I had high blood pressure in February). It was determined that I didn’t have a heart attack but the Dr thinks that there is something wrong with my heart and scheduled tests to begin trying to figure out what is going on. I am struggling with dizziness, thumping in my heart, shortness of breath, and fatigue. It is sure affecting my ability to get ministry done and would ask you to pray! The devil is trying to stop us and discourage us and our little church and we refuse to let him have his way. With your help, we can move forward for God’s glory. Please partner with us in this area and bring us before God’s Throne of Grace in our time of need - we need His help! Pray that Dr’s will figure out what is going on. On Monday I meet my new Cardiologist that will read my latest echocardiograph and hopefully give me some answers. There is so much to do for Christ and many that still need to be saved. Thank You for praying.


3. As you know we have been struggling with a loss of support due to the loss of supporters for various reasons this year. We need you to pray that this support will be raised soon! As a result we are not able to get our full support each month, only what we have in our account of which we are so grateful. With all these new medical expenses, and existing ones we are concerned about our personal financial needs. We are going further and further in the hole. We tell you this to pray  for us and that all these needs God would miraculously meet. We believe He can and with you our Partners praying for us, together we would see God do what only God can do in a time of great need.


We are so grateful for you! We just couldn’t do this work without you. Kathy and I have been blessed to have you as a partner in our lives and ministry. We love and appreciate you! Please pray for us!


In His Service Together


Jim & Kathy

Gal 2:20