Welcome To First Baptist Church

Lake Crystal, Minnesota

Prayer Requests

Amy Robin Bachman ... www.caringbridge.org/visit/amyrbachman. (updated 02/12/12)

Cole Barden ...  www.caringbridge.org/visit/colebarden . (updated  02/26,/12)

Brad and Sharon Bonnett... Pray for JacksonJada, Ezra and Erkinesh. (Request from Carole Johannsen)

First Baptist Church … Pray for all of the ministries at FBC.

Dan and Mary Gilman … Pray for comfort during this difficult time.

Mal and Mary Gray ... Parents of Alves WeirmanMal is in the hospital with both a blood infection and pneumonia and he is not doing well. Mary is frail, confused and depressed after being in the hospital and then a nursing home. Alves also asks for prayer for her sisters Anne and BetseyAnne who, as the primary caregiver, is under a lot of stress. Pray that Betsey will be able to overcome some personal problems to be supportive in this situation. (Request from Alves Weirman)

Pastor Scott Jennings and Family … pray for our spiritual leader and his family.

Evan Johnson www.caringbridge.org/visit/evanjohnson1(Last updated 03/01/12)

Robert LaCoursiere …  Pray for Bob's health. (Last updated June 29, 2011)

Carrol Lahs Lynn Soltau’s daughter. Pray for recovery and a return to good health.

Tom Marshall Tom is going to put off the procedure where they put the right side of his brain to sleep. (Tom is Fred and Carole Johannsen’s son-in-law) (Request from Carole Johannsen)

Susan McConnell... www.caringbridge.org/visit/suemcconnell.  (updated 02/15/12)

LaVaun Morris  …Recovering from knee surgery.

Judy Norby … Recovering from three strokes. (Judy is Lynn Soltau’s daughter)

Chris Pedersen … and her children, Sadie and Henry.

Tim Perdue ... Suffering from terminal cancer. Pray for comfort for Tim, his mother Moni and the rest of the family.

 Will Pfeffer ... Pray for a turnaround in Will’s life!

Rose Pierson … Torn ligaments in her knee. Surgical repair is a possibility.

Florence Sorenson … Residing at the Luther Home in Madelia.

JohnDeb and Makia Stevens … Pray for them to make the adjustment to family life.

Chris Stokesbary … Her leukemia has returned.

Madison Tiffany ...  Mike and Lisa Krosch’s niece. Madison has had a few seizures and she is now on medication. 

Bill and Wendy Wilson ... Bill had a brain tumor removed.

Allen and Frances Zimmerman … Pray that Frances can find another job.

A mother has asked me to have you all pray for her child. Her concern is that, as this child reaches the age of majority, and wants to make adult decisions on his/her own, that the decisions made will not be ones that negatively impact his/her future. Pray that God will provide this child with wisdom and healthy choices.

Pray for all of our missionaries, their mission field, and their families. They are:

John and Jean Baughman

Jim and Kathy Brock

Camp Shetek

Pastor Jon and Lorri Campbell

Barry and Diane Courts

Pastor Jerry and Dorphia David

Paul and Becky Geary and Bethesda Mission Hospital

Wendell and Margie Geary

Curt and Lalia Kregness

Pastor John and Marilyn Michel

Larry and Jane Parks

John and Jean Peterson

Geoff and Leah Swanson

Frank and Alves Weirman